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Jo Terrien is a French-Belgian fine arts photography artist. She has lived in various parts of the world and is now based in Paris where she was born in 1995.


She uses alternative developing processes to manipulate analog photographs. Rather than simply working the light with her camera she captures it with her enlarger in the darkroom. Jo disrupts the standards of photography and pushes her pieces to go further than traditional printing.


Her work brings the viewer closer to her subjects. Through her practice of layering different images, she transforms the photograph into a 3D image, showing the complexity of what she captures. In a world where we consume images at hyper speed, the artist invites the viewer to an attentive observation of the facets and faces of each portrait.


She is represented by Art Daoudi, a virtual gallery based in Geneva, Switzerland.

She exhibited in the United States and France. Her work was published in Le Tirage à mains nues (winner of the 2020 HIP award) by Guillaume Geneste. Her pieces can now be found in multiple private collections.


"Tirage à mains nues" by Guillaume Geneste - winner of the 2020 HIP award

"The Otherside, Issue 02" Art magazine by Pitzer College students - 2018

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